WARTRACE HORSE SHOW: Located at Jernigan Field in Wartrace, TN. Contact Nancy Edwards at 931-389-6470.

Judge:  Paul Livingston
Start Time:  6:00 PM

103rd Anniversary Wartrace Horse Show
"Home of Strolling Jim"
"The Cradle of the Tennessee Walking Horse" Saturday Night August 1, 2009 - 6:00 p.m.

Please support the Belfast Lions Club Horse Show, Friday July 31st. 

1. Weanling Fillies  
2. Youth Trail Pleasure, English or Western, Specialty  
3. Amateur Lite Shod, Specialty  
4. Weanling Horse Colts  
5. Youth County Pleasure, English or Western, Specialty  
6. Adult Trail Pleasure, English or Western, Specialty  
7. Amateur Riders on Two-Year-Old Mares/Geldings, Spec.
7b Youth Riders 11 & Under on Mares and Geldings, Specialty
8. Yearling Fillies  
9. Youth Riders 17 & Under on Mares/Geldings, Specialty   
10. Yearling Horse Colts  
11. Walking Ponies, Adult or Youth, Specialty   
12. RIDERS CUP Two-Year-Old Walking Stallions  
13. Adult Country Pleasure, English or Western, Specialty
14. Amateur Riders on Three-Year-Old Mares/Geldings, Spec
15. RIDERS CUP Three-Year-Old Mares & Geldings 
16. Amateur Show Pleasure, Specialty
17. Amateur Riders on Three-Year-Old Stallions, Specialty
18. Three-Year-Old Walking Stallions
19. Amateurs on Four-Year-Old Mares & Geldings, Spec.
19b. Amateur Riders on Four-Year-Old Stallions, Spec.
20. Amateur Specialty, Mares & Geldings
20b. Amateur Specialty, Stallions
21. RIDERS CUP Walking Horse Championship, Open

Entry Fee/Prizes:
Classes 1-11, 13-14,16 - 20b $30.00

Class 12,15  $60.00

Class 21   $60.00

The Honorable Paul Livingston Church Hill, TN

Roy Ferguson Jr. - 931-580-6144
Nancy Edwards - 931-389-6470

Bobby Sands, Columbia, TN

Robert M. West , Cascade Veterinary Clinic Wartrace, TN

Jack Greene, Christiana, TN

Mark Walling, Wartrace, TN

Box Seats – Sold Out
Debbie Mills 931-389-6973

No private vehicles allowed to park inside the fenced area without advanced permission. Passenger vehicles will not be allowed to park with horse vans and trailers. All participants are expected conform to Public Law 91-540 and show rules. Persons on Federal Disqualification cannot transport horses to this show and can participate only as a spectator.


Sponsored by Civic Enterprises of Wartrace , PO Box 26 , Wartrace, TN 37183
Come for Supper – Country Ham – Barbecue – Homemade Pies and Cakes