Located at the Paul Battle, Jr. Arena in Tunica, MS. For more information contact Dee Cantrell at 706-366-1011, Thom Meek at 615-426-6199, Sarah Smith at 931-580-5085 or Margo Urad at 972-772-1390.

Start time: 6:00 pm

Judge(s): Jamie Hankins, Newton Parks and Aaron Self

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ReporTV will be Live from United We Stand Fall Finale. There will also be highlight videos posted on Monday, November 14.

*ReporTV is committed to bringing you the best coverage. At times, bandwidth levels at venues ReporTV is streaming from aren’t suitable for streaming or cause issues with the quality of the stream. The schedule of the Live Stream is subject to change at any time based on available bandwidth and quality concerns. We will continue to post highlight videos the following day even if the event is unable to be live streamed.