SPRING PLEASURE HORSE JUBILEE. Located at the Marshall County Expo. Center in Lewisburg, TN. Contact WHOA at 615-494-8822.

***The Spring Pleasure Horse Jubilee scheduled for April 25 has added the following classes:

Two & Three Year Old Lite Shod
Youth Country Pleasure

JUDGE:  Dee Dee Sale
START TIME:  3:00 p.m.

1.    Model Stallions
2.    Academy 6-11 Years Specialty
3.    Model Mares & Geldings
4.    Country Pleasure Driving
5.    Yearlings
6.    Park Pleasure Eng Specialty
7.    Trail Pleasure Eng Specialty
8.    Spotted Country Trail Pleasure Spec.
9.    Youth Show Pleasure Specialty
10.  Country Pleasure English Specialty
11.  Youth Equitation 11 & Under Specialty
12.  Lite Shod English Specialty
13.  Academy 12-14 Years Specialty
14.  Youth 17 & Under Eng. Trail Pleas Spec.
15.  2 & 3 YR Old Trail Pleasure Eng. Spec.
16.  Youth Equitation 12-14 Specialty
17.  Trail Pleasure Driving
18.  2 & 3 YR Old Country Pleas. Eng Spec.
19.  Amateur Show Pleasure Specialty
20.  2 & 3 Yr Old Park Pleas. Eng. Spec.
21.  Youth Equitation 15-17 Specialty
22.  Academy 15-17 Yrs Specialty
23.  Spotted Traditional Trail Pleas Spec.
24.  Open Park Pleas West Specialty
25.  Trail Pleasure Western Specialty
26.  Spotted Trail Pleasure Specialty
27.  Country Pleasure Western Specialty
28.  Youth 17 & Under West Trail Pleas. Spec.
29.  Open Lite Shod Western Specialty
30.  Yth Equit 17&Under Champ Cntr, Pattern req.
31.  2 & 3 Yr Old Trail Pleas West Spec.
32.  Adult Academy Specialty
33.  Battle of the Pleas Horse Easy Gait Spec*
34.  Academy Championship 17 & Under
35.  Open Show Pleasure Specialty
36.  Trail Pleasure Canter Opt. Tack
37.  Open Lite Shod Canter Opt. Tack
38.  Open Park Pleasure Canter Opt. Tack
Entry Fees: $15.00 per class or $50 per day per horse
Affiliation Fee: $4 per horse; $2 Spotted fee per entry

Ribbons sponsored by the Walking Horse Owner’s Association
1st place awards sponsored by Montverde Academy Equestrian Center
A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit the "Special Kids" program

* Flat Shod or Performance Horses may be used in Academy and Equitation Classes.
*Park Pleasure is flat shod class where bands are allowed.  Horses showing in Park Pleasure cannot show in Plantation, Lite Shod, Trail Pleasure or Country Pleasure.
*Horses showing in Trail Pleasure cannot show in Lite-Shod, Plantation Pleasure, Park Pleasure or Country Pleasure, but can show in Easy Gait.
*Country Pleasure is a keg shod division only and cannot show in any other classes except Model and Easy Gait.  Country Pleasure is amateur riders only.
*Easy Gait is an open class and is open to any flat shod horse without bands.
*Specialty is a two gait class – no canter

Persons on federal disqualification cannot transport horses to this show and can participate only as a spectator