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June 26, 2010, Samantha, AL

NORTHSIDE LIONS CLUB GILBERT MCCARLEY MEMORIAL HORSE SHOW (Riders' Cup): Located at Northside Lions Club Arena, Samantha, AL.  Contact Justin Strickland or Truman Strickland at 205-333-1789.

1.       Stick Horse

2.       Specialty Action Open Racking (Chained)

3.       Two-Year-Old Walking Mares & Geldings (Riders’ Cup)**

4.       Country Pleasure Walking Specialty

5.       Amateur Owned & Trained Racking

6.       Weanling & Yearling Halter

7.       Juvenile 17 & Under Walking Specialty

8.       Spotted Horses Amateur (No Canter)

9.       Two & Three-Year-Old Racking

10.     Three-Year-Old Amateur Walking Stallions

11.     Alabama Ladies Auxiliary Walking Specialty

12.     Three-Year-Old Walking (Riders’ Cup)**

13.     Specialty Action Amateur Racking (Chained)

14.     Ladies Amateur Walking Specialty

15.     Two-Year-Old Walking Stallions (Riders’ Cup)**

16.     Amateur Owned & Trained Walking Specialty

17.     Juvenile 17 & Under Racking

18.     Spotted Lite-Shod Open (No Canter)

19.     Two-Year-Old Amateur Walking Stallions

20.     Spotted Trail Pleasure (No Canter)

21.     Three-Year-Old Amateur Walking Mares & Geldings

22.     Park Performance Walking Specialty

23.     Open Walking Specialty

24.     Amateur Show Pleasure Walking Specialty

25.     Open Spotted Horses (No Canter)

26.     Open Amateur Racking

27.     Four-Year-Old Walking Open (Riders’ Cup)**

28.     Trail Pleasure Walking Specialty

29.     Open Flat-Shod Racking

30.     Two-Year-Old Amateur Walking Mares & Geldings

31.     Park Pleasure Walking Specialty

32.     Four-Year-Old Amateur Walking Specialty

33.     Open Amateur Walking Specialty

34.     Racking Horse Stake

35.     Walking Horse Stake (Riders’ Cup)**

If a horse casts a shoe, he will be excused.

No Classes Will Be Added


Class 1                   Entry Fee: $5.00     Ribbons for all

Classes 2-33           Entry Fee: $30.00   Prizes: 1st-$50, 2nd-$40, 3rd-$30,4th-$20, 5th-$10

Classes 34-35         Entry Fee: $55.00   Prizes: 1st-$200, 2nd-$125, 3rd-$75, 4th-$55, 5th-25


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