TWHBEA announced the 2019 election results for the 2020-2022 term. See below the 2019 winners and runners up for the International Board of Directors. The term is to be served Dec 1, 2019–Nov. 30, 2022. Note: the terms for North Carolina is elected for one year only and will be re-elected next fall for a full three-year term. Officer applications will follow, to the newly elected (and currently serving) board of directors.

2019 Election Results:

Director: Dee Cantrell
Alternates: Wilson Blaylock, Donna Hill

Directors: Bo Lawrence, Sheryl Crawford
Alternates: Sarah Burch, Ronald Smith

Directors: Sam Sorrell, Linda Starnes, Ronnie Vincent
Alternates: Catherine Cornwell, Leigh Stewart, Gary Rose

Director: Sonny Wadsworth
Alternates: None

Director: Sydni Abernathy
Alternates:  Jason Bachert, Brady Bachert, Jim Huffman

North Carolina, 1-year terms
Directors: Chad Adams, Kelly Peeler
Alternates: Lavon Tyson

Directors: Mike Floyd, Beverely Burgess, Allison Thorson, Dr. Roger Richards
Alternates: Rollie Beard, Ray Beech, Russ Thompson, Jesse Dotson, Peaches Seales, Jeri Sue Arrighi, Jaron Dotson, Rod Slagle
Tennessee Alternates with only 1 vote: Walt Chism, Keegan Meadows, Susan Coleman, Bess Moore-Harmon, Bobby J. Jones, Mark Blancas 

Director: Angela Patterson
Alternates: None

West Virginia 
Director: Raymond Stiles
Alternates: Mary Jane Mitchem

Region 2
Director: None
Alternates: None

Region 5
Director: Cindy Endres
Alternate: None

Region 6
Director: Hugo Brito
Alternate: Amos E. Jones

Region 7: 
Director: Terry Manier
Alternate: Fred Allred

Region 8
Director: Rick Wies
Alternate: Nya Bates, Mark Weaver

Region 9
Director: Kendel Sigurdson
Alternate: None