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Editor's Note: The following is a statement from Larry Studdard and the Facilitation Group who intend to establish an open dialog between TWH industry organizations. Below that is a response from TWHBEA accepting the invitation to negotiate a settlement.

A Statement From The Facilitation Group

23 Oct 06

In light of the numerous unsettled industry matters, a Group of concerned Tennessee Walking Horse Owners (“ The Facilitation Group”) has come together to establish and maintain an active, good faith dialog between all factions of the TWH community. Our mission is to facilitate communication and understanding essential to bridge the industry's diverse interest and merge our common goals. I am a Professional Business Consultant in dispute resolution practices and procedures, and Chairman of the Group.

As the letter below states, I contacted Mr. Jerrold Pedigo to seek and obtain his commitment that the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' & Exhibitors' Association would participate in facilitated discussions and negotiations with other industry interest groups and organizations. Mr. Pedigo's letter confirms his commitment in this regard and is preceded by other industry groups' published commitments to, likewise, engage in good faith discussions. The Facilitation Group is contacting these industry individuals and organizations at this time to invite them into this forum and meet with us at the very earliest time.

The Facilitation Group is comprised of successful business people who are also TWH Owners, Breeders, and/or Exhibitors. Mr. Don Beatty, a businessman, is from Franklin, TN., Dr. Linda Garrard, a professor of MBA courses, resides in Shelbyville, TN., Mr. Red Etheredge is a long-respected statesman in Alabama government and Mr. Gorden Timmons, also a businessman, is from Awendaw, South Carolina. I live in Roswell, GA and my farm is in West Point, GA. The common thread between us is an appreciation and passion for the Tennessee Walking Horse and a vision of a brighter, more secure future for the industry.

Communication, cooperation, and compromise are the foundation of every successful relationship. Without unified leadership, our treasured way of life with Tennessee Walking Horses is in peril and at risk of closure.

Please support our efforts to achieve our goals.

Larry G. Studdard


The Facilitation Group

October 19, 2006

Mr. Larry Studdard

990 Pine Grove Road

Roswell GA  30075

Dear Mr. Studdard,

I want to thank you for contacting me recently and voicing your concerns about the unsettled issues within our industry.  As we discussed, I look forward to meeting with you and others who have similar concerns, whether individually or as a group.  I recognize and encourage your efforts to address issues facing the Tennessee Walking Horse industry, and pledge TWHBEA’s good faith and willing participation to that end.   I understand you have been joined in this effort by Mr. Don Beatty, Dr. Linda Garrard, Mr. Jamie “Red” Etheredge, and Mr. Gorden Timmons.

Based on our discussion, I understand your group’s intent is to:

·        Identify problems and issues within the industry.

·        Review ongoing/current efforts to address these issues.

·        Make recommendations to support or amend the current efforts.

·        Develop additional options/solutions to overcome and eliminate these problems, and

·        Develop dialog with all segments of the Tennessee Walking Horse industry in an effort to bridge open issues.

The TWHBEA welcomes the opportunity to talk with and listen to all of its members, whether individually or as a group.  The collective wisdom of our membership can lead to a bright and prosperous future for our industry.  The unification of our industry will lead to establishing the Tennessee Walking Horse as the premier breed throughout the world.


Jerrold Don Pedigo


Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association