Shelbyville, Tennessee – Celebration Entry Office Manager Mary Lynn Dickens has announced a tentative Schedule of Classes for the 39th Annual Spring Fun Show.  The show will be held in the outdoor stadium May 21st – 23rd with each performance to begin at 7:00 p.m.  There was only one change from the 2008 class schedule and that was the deletion of the Pro-Am Class.

“Our trainers, owners and exhibitors have shown us through their previous support that the classes we offer during our premier three night event are what they desire to compete in,” stated Dickens.  “We have made only one minor change from last year’s schedule due to the lack of support of the pro-am class,” she continued.

Celebration CEO Dr. Meadows stated “We are excited to be moving to show back to the outdoor stadium and our staff is still working on all of the details associated with the move.”

Click here for a complete class listing.