A special general membership meeting was called by KWHA President Joe Herald on Sunday, July 12, 2009. The meeting was held at the Marriott in Lexington, Ky. Herald called the meeting to discuss the selection process for judges at the upcoming 43rd annual Kentucky Celebration.

The options presented to the membership were drawing names from a hat prior to each class, the process used for the Walking Horse Trainers’ Association National Trainers’ Show, or voting on three judges from a list of available judges, the process traditionally used by the Kentucky Celebration. The ballots for voting would be sent to the Kentucky Walking Horse Association Secretary Lynn Oliver.

Prior to voting for the selection process, a motion was made to keep everything the same as 2008 and not to change anything. The motion was voted on and passed with a vote of 107 to 54. The process used in 2008 was voting for three judges.

A motion was then made to have the ballots sent to and counted by a certified public accountant. After nearly an hour of discussion, the motion was voted on and failed with a vote of 106 to 53.

The judges for the Kentucky Celebration will be selected from a ballot and voted on by the general membership and the ballots will be mailed to KWHA Secretary Lynn Oliver.

The votes will be counted by a group of individuals, including general members and members of the board of directors. The count will be open to the membership and anyone wanting to be present for the count is welcome.