Less than a week after announcing the proposed construction of approxiamately 400 new boxes, the Celebration reported commitments for over 200 boxes as of Friday, Oct. 4.

The Celebration mailed out 3,415 letters earlier that week to 46 east side reserved seat holders, 545 box seat waiting list applicants, 2,183 current box seat holders and 641 west side reserved seat holders. The boxes will be awarded on a first-come - first-serve basis and the price of the box will remain constant for the first three years.

The boxes will seat six people with three rows of two chairs. The boxes are priced at $565 for those closest to the rail and $525 for those on the upper level. A three-year prepayment is required to reserve the boxes: $1,575 for the upper boxes and $1,695 for the lower boxes. A $500 deposit is required with the response form with the balance due on January 15, 2003.

A total of 212 boxes have been confirmed and Celebration officials reported a large volume of responses was received on Monday.