The Trail of Painted Ponies originated in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2001 as a public art project. A highly acclaimed sculptor was commissioned to create a series of unique life size horse sculptures exclusively for the trail project. One hundred and twenty of the most highly recognized artists, emerging artists and premiere Native American artists were invited to creatively transform the life size fiberglass horse sculptures into original works of art. The art that resulted showed the true inspirational power and versatility of the horse as a “sculptural canvas”.

            The original Painted Pony Collection was displayed throughout the entire state of New Mexico and viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. The Painted Ponies received national media attention and were featured in a documentary film which has been aired on PBS stations around the country.

            The original works of art were offered at public auction and generated nearly a million dollars for various arts, cultural, youth, animal, social and environmental charities.

            Collectible-sized painted pony figurines, inspired by the original painted ponies, have become one of the most popular collectibles in America and have inspired a new American art movement call “Pony Expressionism.”

            The latest releases from the Trail of Painted Ponies are now available for pre-order at World Champion Horse Equipment. Eight new ponies are included in the June 2007 release. The latest release features four new Native American Ponies; Wie-Tou, Sacred Reflections of Time, Navajo Black Beauty and Ceremonial Pony. Also included in the June 2007 release is Stardust, Northern Lights, Boot Camp Pony and Dynasty Pony.

            World Champion Horse Equipment is also offering an early preview to the Holiday 2007 release of Painted Ponies featuring four new ponies: Felix Navidad, Gingerbread Pony, Penquin Pony and Poinsettia Pony.

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