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The 42nd Annual Walking Horse Report Readers' Choice

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You don't have to be a member of anything to vote for your favorite horses, exhibitors, trainers and shows in the 42nd Annual READERS' CHOICE conducted by The WALKING HORSE REPORT.

It's wide open... just your opinion of who were the 'Best of the Best' during the great 2023 season.

Each of our subscribers may vote for as few or as many of the categories below as they'd like. Your ballot will remain active until the last day of polling, at which time your votes will be tallied with our other subscribers. You may return to update your ballot at any time between now and the end of voting.

Your Information

BEST OF 2023
Lead Line Rider 
Model Mare 
Model Gelding 
Model Stallion 
Two-Year-Old Mare/Gelding 
Two-Year-Old Stallion 
Two-Year-Old Amateur Mare/Gelding 
Two-Year-Old Amateur Stallion 
Three-Year-Old Mare/Gelding 
Three-Year-Old Stallion 
Three-Year-Old Amateur Mare/Gelding 
Three-Year-Old Amateur Stallion 
Four-Year-Old Mare/Gelding 
Four-Year-Old Stallion 
Four-Year-Old Amateur Mare/Gelding 
Four-Year-Old Amateur Stallion 
Five-Year-Old Amateur Mare/Gelding 
Five-Year-Old Amateur Stallion 
Classic Horse 
15.2 & Under Mare/Gelding 
15.2 & Under Stallion 
15.2 & Under Amateur Mare/Gelding 
15.2 & Under Amateur Stallion 
Aged Mare/Gelding 
Aged Stallion 
Amateur Canter 
Youth 11 & Under  
Youth 12-17 
Youth Pony 
Adult Pony Mare/Gelding 
Adult Pony Stallion 
Ladies Amateur  
Men’s Amateur 
Elite Amateur Ladies 
Elite Amateur Gentlemen 
Amateur Specialty Mare/Gelding 
Amateur Specialty Stallion 
Amateur Ladies Show Pleasure 
Amateur Gentlemen Show Pleasure 
Youth Show Pleasure 
Open Show Pleasure 
Amateur Owned & Trained 
Amateur Ladies Fine Harness 
Amateur Gentlemen Fine Harness 
Fine Harness 
5 & Under Park Performance  
Open Park Performance  
Amateur Park Performance 
Amateur 5 & Under Park Performance 
Amateur Owned & Trained Pleasure 
Novice Pleasure 
Amateur Plantation/Park Pleasure 
Plantation/Park Pleasure 
Amateur Lite-Shod 
Trail Pleasure 
Amateur Trail Pleasure 
Youth Trail Pleasure 
5 & Under Trail Pleasure 
5 & Under Amateur Trail Pleasure 
Three & Under Trail Pleasure 
Amateur Three & Under Trail Pleasure 
Country Pleasure 
Amateur Country Pleasure 
Youth Country Pleasure 
Five & Under Country Pleasure 
Amateur 5 & Under Country Pleasure 
All Day Pleasure 
WHTA Auxiliary Horse of the Year 
Racking Performance 
Racking Pleasure 
Amateur Racking Performance 
Amateur Racking Pleasure 
Spotted Open 
Spotted Amateur 
Spotted Youth 
Equitation 11 & Under 
Equitation 12-17 
Adult Equitation 
Sire of the Year 
Best Overall Barn 
Amateur Exhibitor of the Year 
Youth Exhibitor of the Year 
Amateur Sportsman of the Year 
Youth Sportsman of the Year 
Best One-Night Show (TN) 
Best One-Night Show (Outside of TN) 
Best Multi-Night Show (other than Celebration) 
Trainer of the Year (Performance) 
Trainer of the Year (Pleasure) 
Best Dressed Trainer 
Best Dressed Amateur Male 
Best Dressed Amateur Female 
Best Dressed Youth 

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