(Editor's note: the following editorial was featured in the 2000 Year In Walking Horses)

It hasn’t been done since 1976, not by a mare, not until 2000. Seeing Shout in action is enough to leave an indelible impression, but now she’s assured her place in walking horse lore. With Wink Groover in the irons,
Ebony’s Darling Lady was the last mare to win the Three-Year-Old World Grand Championship until Shout and Rodney Dick did it in 2000.

Shout is owned by Keith and Sandy Baker of Columbia, Tenn., and trained at Twin Hills Training Facility,
also in Columbia. With trainer Rodney Dick at the helm, this year Shout earned blues at Belfast, Gulf Coast Charity, Spring Fun Show and Tony Rice. For her blue at Columbia Spring Jubilee, Brooke Baker was in the irons. Shout finished the 2000 season with the title of Walking Horse Trainers’ Association Three-Year-Old Horse of the Year.

And of course there was the Celebration. Perhaps it’s the mare’s obvious enthusiasm that makes her a
crowd favorite. She moves like every step is the one that will make her victorious as the crowd “shouts” her around the ring. She and Dick earned the Three-Year-Old Mares Division A World Championship, then followed it up with the Three-Year-Old World Grand Championship.

Rodney Dick says the popular mare is not only easy to ride, she’s also fun to ride. “Shout’s a natural,”
he says, “She has a great heart and great stamina.” They say that stallions generally have more stamina than mares. Shout seems to be the exception that comes along only now and again.

It hasn’t been done since 1954, not by a mare. White Star, with Percy Moss up, was the last mare to win the World Grand Championship. Keep your eye on Shout. She just may be the one.