Having celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2019, the Foundation for the Advancement and Support of the Tennessee Walking Show Horse (FAST) seeks to move the progress of the foundation forward by adding a full-time Director of Advancement to its organization. 

The assault on the industry by animal rights groups will continue and so it remains paramount that the industry remain poised to stand firm in support of the show horse industry and the FAST Board believes an organized strategy led by a key individual focused on the task at hand is key to succeeding with its strategy.  

Since its inception, FAST has infused more than $3 million to fund initiatives to support and preserve the Tennessee Walking Show Horse. In recent months, the foundation provided the funding to support the services of a lobbyist to specifically assist the industry in successfully addressing the proposed Davidson County ordinance that could have negatively impacted the show horse industry.  

While the industry has enjoyed a 2019 show horse season and a successful Celebration to date with high compliance rates, the efforts of those who are determined to eliminate the performance horse continue and so the industry must also continue to be proactive in determining a strategy to preserve and protect the show horse for the future as well combat the challenges that come from those aimed at eliminating the performance horse.  

The passing of the PAST Act in the House of Representatives came as a disappointment to the industry, especially when considering that much of the information provided to the members of Congress was misleading and or inaccurate.  

The industry does not support the practice of soring; however, the PAST Act is predicated on convincing its supporters that the pad and action device sore a horse. Past and recent scientific studies performed by reputable and credentialed research professionals has provided conclusions to the contrary.  

The next logical step for FAST is to support a full- time professional who can serve to advance the operational efforts of the foundation and provide the public with much needed — positive — information about the show horse and the industry with the long-term goal of sustaining the show horse for generations to come.

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