Exhibitors braved their way through a rainy and stormy Thursday night of Celebration competition but the final two classes of the evening had to be postponed until Friday night. Despite the rain that has continued today, the show will resume at its normal 7 p.m. start time.
The original class schedule for Friday night included 11 classes, culminating with the world grand championship for the four-year-olds. Last year there were 16 classes held Friday night, so even with the additional two classes from Thursday night added to tonight’s schedule, it’s still three classes fewer than last year so the hope is for the show to still end earlier than last year.
The postponement of the Three-Year-Old World Grand Championship from Thursday to Friday night does bring some interesting historical significance to it. It will make for the first time in many, many, years for the three and four year olds to share their world grand championship on the same night.
While rain remains in the forecast, there is no expected thunder and lightning storms that would cause the show to be canceled or postponed. Celebration officials said early Friday afternoon the show will go as scheduled tonight and all classes will be completed.
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