The SHOW HIO recently approved the members of the 2020 Judges’ Committee. Following the 2019 show season two members of the committee rolled off per the committee’s guidelines. Jennifer Bingham, who was chair of the committee for the last several years and Doyle Meadows were the two members whose term expired in 2019.  

“Jennifer has been a tremendous asset to SHOW and all of our judges during her tenure as the chair of our Judges’ Committee. She has an unprecedented judging record and has been instrumental in continuing to improve our licensing and training of our judges. The SHOW HIO and the Judges’ Committee will miss her being a part of our program and we hope to have her back in the future,” said SHOW Executive Committee member Jeffrey Howard.

Dr. Meadows, the former CEO of The Celebration was a member of the committee who did not have a current SHOW license but is an expert in judging from his years of experience in the American Quarter Horse scene.  “Dr. Meadows will be missed as well as he was instrumental in improving our judging as both the CEO of The Celebration and a member of the committee who brought a wealth of experience and expertise from outside our industry,” said Howard.

Coming on board in 2020 to replace the seats held by Bingham and Meadows will be Nathan Clark and Melissa Moore. Clark, who has previously served on the committee is another of SHOW’s most experienced judges and most recently judged the 2019 Celebration.  

Moore, who is a licensed American Saddlebred judge and trainer will be the “outside the industry” member of the committee moving forward. Both she and Clark will serve a three-year term on the committee. Moore has judged the American Saddlebred World’s Championship Horse Show three times (2005, 2012 and 2016) as well as the Morgan Grand National and World Championship Horse Show three times (2015, 2017 and 2019). 

Other members of the committee include David Sisk, Chris Bobo and Sam Sorrell who will replace Bingham as chairman.