Access to the inspection area at this year’s Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration will be limited, according to officials at the World’s Greatest Horse Show.

Safety is the key issue behind this move. A record number of entries in a confined area could be the recipe for problems. The Celebration is looking to meet the safety needs of its exhibitors with a new policy.

“Each entry (horse) will be allowed to enter the inspection area with three persons, and no more,” said Celebration CEO Ron Thomas. “Those three will be a trainer, a rider and a groom.”

“The inspection area has gotten extremely crowded, making it very difficult to get horses warmed up correctly and inspected prior to showing.”

There has been concern for several years about the numbers of people and the possibility of accident. It has recently drawn the attention of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Celebration Security officers will once again be posted at the entrance. That is where you will declare who the three team members are for your entry. Team members must enter the inspection area with the horse. Late arrivals will not be allowed.