The WHTA will again host an amateur Judging competition on Wednesday and Thursday Nights at the National Trainers’ Show. Three amateur judges will be selected to tie four different classes (two pleasure and two performance).

The selected amateur judges will have no contact with the three official Judges. The selected amateur judges will need to bring a clipboard, paper and pen. Judges’ cards will be provided. All judges’ cards must be signed and turned in to the entry office at completion of the last judged class. Judge winner will be recognized in center ring after Class 49 on Friday Night. Amateur judges must be 21 years of age or older and wear dress attire (Men: sport coat, tie and pants; Ladies: Dress or pant suit).

HOW TO ENTER: Contact WHTA office at 931-684-5866 or email Please provide Name, Age, Cell Number. DEADLINE TO ENTER is March 9, 2023, at 4pm CT.  Judges will be selected by “luck of the draw” and will be notified on March 10th.

In Addition, online Entries will begin on March 8th.