The first evening performance of the 2006 Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration presented the five judges with some outstanding entries and they liked what they saw and pretty much agreed.  Six of the 16 classes were tied unanimously; 6 classes saw two different horses get a first place vote and four classes offered a nod from one of the judges to 3 entries.

     Wink Groover and Tommy Loid picked the winner 13 times, Ronnie Spears 12 fimes, Huck Moss 11 times and Jamie Bradshaw 10 times.

     Through 3 sessions, the judges have looked at 41 classes with 16 unanimous ties, 14 classes saw two different horses receive a first place vote, 10 classes had three different horses with a first place vote while only 1 class has had five different horses selected for honors by the panel.

     Wink Groover and Ronnie Spears have tapped the winner in 32 classes each, Tommy Loid has been on the money 31 times, Jamie Bradshaw has picked 30 winners while Huck Moss has voted for the eventual winner 27 times.