The poll question for the week of May 12 was, "Based on show ring results from the past few years, which stallion would be the best cross with a delight of Pride mare?

A statistical evaluation of this question can be found by using the new Progeny Search tool at

The top vote-getter was He’s Puttin On The Ritz. He’s Puttin On The Ritz was a strong choice, as he was the third best cross based on our Progeny Search results for a Delight of Pride mare. His top point earner was Kid Callahan shown by Ed and Whitney Breedlove in the Amateur Specialty division.  There are presently 7 get by this cross that are successful in the show ring.

The top choice based on our Progeny Statistics and second in the voting was Gen’s Armed and Dangerous The Progeny Search currently shows that the cross of Gen’s Armed and Dangerous with a Delight of Pride mare have produced horses such a multi blue ribbon winner Rodney Dangerfield shown in the Park Pleasure division by Landon Head, and Armed and Proud shown in the Show Pleasure division by Jennifer Condren.

Third in voting was The Skywatch.  Although The Skywatch was a strong choice, he is statistically ranked eigth by our Progeny Search crossed with a Delight of Pride mare. The Skywatch had  4 crosses with Delight of pride mares that have performed for him. The top point earner for this cross was Miss Carolina Sky owned by What A Blessing Farm and was shown in 2007 in the Juvenile 12-17 division by Mary Beth Blessing.

Gen’s Major General was forth in vote, but is ranked second on the Progeny Search statistically. Gen’s Major General has a line up of 8 crosses with Delight of Pride mares that are  showing successfully in the ring.  Summer Passion was the top point earner for this cross.  Summer passion is owned by Brent and Lisa Jones and shows in multiple divisions.

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