(Editor’s Note: APHIS, has announced details regarding the organization’s recently completed and approved strategic plan. The following email, written by APHIS Administrator Kevin Shea, was sent out earlier today to APHIS stakeholders, along with a link to details about the plan, which is also included below.)

Dear Stakeholders:
On any given day, APHIS employees are working on many fronts to respond to pest and disease outbreaks, review important trade documents, prevent damage to crops and livestock by invasive species and predators, inspect field trials of genetically engineered plants, and protect certain animals, such as those used in research, that fall under our oversight. It’s a vast mission that is carried out by approximately 8,300 dedicated employees stationed across the country and around the world.   While this day-to-day work is extremely important, we can’t lose sight of the long-term goals that help steer the direction of this Agency and ensure we continue to meet the needs of the many stakeholders who depend on our services. 

Today, I am pleased to announce a new version of our Strategic Plan that includes tangible and specific goals that will guide APHIS through 2023.

Secretary Perdue’s seven strategic goals, including his priority on providing the best customer experience in the federal government, are the foundation for the Strategic Plan. They will guide all of our programs as we adapt to changes in the world around us and continue our efforts to deliver the most value and best service to our stakeholders and the American public. Our three strategic goals are: 

Deliver efficient, effective, and responsive programs.
Safeguard American agriculture. 
Facilitate safe U.S. agricultural exports. 
These goals include 14 objectives and many proven tactics to achieve them. 

When I became APHIS’ Administrator in 2013, I told you my core beliefs, which remain the same today. I still believe that healthy and profitable agriculture is good for America; it provides food and clothing for countless people worldwide and is a key pillar to a thriving economy.  I also believe that Government’s role is to do collectively what no one of us can do for ourselves.  Finally, I believe that our special responsibilities to care for vulnerable animals are noble and worthy of the attention we give them.

As we work to achieve these goals, we remain committed to delivering our programs and services efficiently, effectively, with integrity, and a strong focus on customer service.