Copyright WHR 2008

By Stephanie Rose

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – The Walking Horse Trainers’ Association Ladies Auxiliary held its annual meeting in conjunction with the WHTA and TWHBEA’s conventions at the Marriott of Cool Springs on Friday December 5, 2008. The ladies of the auxiliary work hard each year to better the industry and to help others. Highlights of the meeting this year were the production of the Memories of Music and the nomination of horse show of the year for the second year in a row.

Memories of Music was done 20 years ago this year, and the auxiliary thought that it was necessary to bring back the tradition to brighten up the events at the convention. It involves acts lip singing and dressing up like their favorite singers. The acts will have buckets where you can give them money if you like their act. A winner will be announced at the end and awarded with a trophy and the title. It will be held following the TWHBEA Banquet and will be rotating between the Grand Prize Giveaway, where the Trainers’ give the new Ford F150 away. Following the Grand Prize Giveaway and the Memories of Music, there will be a deejay for karaoke.

The auxiliary is proud of their horse show, the Money Tree Classic. For the second year in a row, it was nominated as one night horse show of the year. Last year it won the nomination, and the auxiliary is waiting to see what the verdict is Saturday night. The show this year made the auxiliary more money than it has ever made before. The auxiliary then donates their money to different non-profit organizations and gives to the industry or people within the horse business that needs a helping hand. The auxiliary plans on having the show at the Agriculture center in Shelbyville again this year during the Fourth of July shows.

New officers were elected for 2009 and they are as follows. President Joyce Marie Green, First Vice President Marguerite Sims, Second Vice President Sarah Smith, Treasurer Jaclyn Williams, and Secretary Stephanie Rose.

The auxiliary high point, equitation, Celebration, Mud Slide Slim Lifetime Achievement, and Rookie of the year awards will be given at the Trainers’ Banquet on Saturday evening.