by Jennifer Potts
FRANKLIN, Tenn. - Roulette, Craps, Black Jack, you name it, you could play it all at the Ladies Auxiliary Casino Night. The green felt tables were lined with trainers, owners, and exhibitors placing their bets, hoping to cash in on their winnings. The highlight of the night was the appearance of Rod Stewart, Hank Williams, Jr., Shania Twain, Stevie Nicks and Don Henley, a drunk horse trainer, and yes, the one and only, King of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis.

Hank Williams sang about all of his rowdy friends coming over tonight, while strumming the guitar and turning up a bottle of what looked to be Jim Beam. Hank was portrayed by Wayne Dean. Also stepping into the spotlight was Shania Twain, known to us as Megan Peebles, with the song, “Who’s Bed have Your Boots Been Under?”. It was also a nice surprise for me to be asked to entertain the crowd with "What I Really Meant To Say" and Trick Pony's "Pour Me".

Who else came to the mic? Lisa Murray and Russ Keyser were Stevie Nicks and Don Henley, doing a dynamic job on the duet, “Leather and Lace”. The closest thing any of us have seen to Rod Stewart would have to be ol’ Hot Legs himself, Bill Young. Bill portrayed Rod and serenaded the audience with “Hot Legs”, sporting a blonde wig and a Playboy bunny shirt. The crowd roared and Bill came out for another bow.

The King came to the stage, ready to rock n’ roll, decked out in his black jumpsuit with gold and red sequins shining. Herbert Derickson played the role of Elvis. His first number was “All Shook Up”. Elvis returned for an encore. His next two songs were “Suspicious Minds” and “Teddy Bear”. The talent portion of the night was concluded when a drunk horse trainer, Carl Johnson, sang of his woes of confusing his show horses with a milk cow and a cabbage head for a man’s head, where his head was supposed to be.

The night was a undeniable success filled with laughs, conversation, and a little gambling. It is safe to say that the Ladies Auxiliary truly hit the jackpot with Casino Night.