America's Number One Trail Riding Television Series Announces New CEO

            Mark Laney announced new CEO

Best of America by Horseback's Television Host and Chairman of the Board, Tom Seay, announces that Mark Laney of Texas has been named CEO of the rapidly growing nationally televised show, which features trail riding locations and events across America. Tom Seay will continue as Chairman and Host and Pat Seay will continue to serve as President and Producer of the show.   Best of America by Horseback's three time weekly television series is aired on the RFD-TV Network via both DISH (Channel 231) and DirecTV (Channel 379) satellite networks, as well as numerous cable companies across the nation, including Comcast, MediaCom, Time-Warner and Verizon to name a few.
Tom said "Mark’s background and experience will create numerous opportunities for the trail riding world.  Further, his passion to preserve riding trails and create new ones will benefit generations to come.”
Mark said that Best of America by Horseback will continue their regular shows featuring trail riding locations across America, but said that a new television series will be based on Best of America by Horseback's 4 1/2 month trail ride from Mexico to Canada, which will begin from Mexico on April 21, 2009 covering almost 2,000 miles ending in Canada the first week of September 2009.
Tom and Pat first met Mark and his wife Brenda in Caprock Canyon State Park, in the Texas Panhandle, near Quitaquay, Texas on a Best of America by Horseback production shoot in 2005. Mark and Brenda enjoy riding their mules through the red rock formations and canyons of Caprock many times a year, as the park is only 70 miles from their home base, Hale Center, Texas.  Mark and Brenda trail ride all over the U.S. and assist with scouting future event locations, with their two mules, “Mountain Man” and “LaneyB” hauling them in their Platinum Coach Mule Trailer behind their motorhome.

In his most recent past, Mark has had his own law firm and practiced law in nearby Plainview, Texas for 33 years. He has served as corporate counsel for 7-Eleven, has handled and tried numerous civil litigation cases, has mediated numerous legal disputes, and has owned and operated other businesses. Mark has been an active community and civic leader.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree with Honors from Texas Tech in 1969, and received his Doctorate of Jurisprudence Degree from Texas Tech in 1972, following which time he served as an officer on active duty in the U.S. Army and the Reserves.  Mark is Board Certified in both Civil Trial Law and Personal Injury Trial Law, and has been an active member of the Bar and Trial Bar associations of Texas.  He is a Fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation and an Honored Scholar, Endowment for Professionalism of the State Bar College of Texas.
Mark's vision for the television series is to continue the tremendous success of Best of America by Horseback, and to "expand it's audience and to help bring more trail riding locations and events of America into the homes and hearts of the television viewing public, as well as to make as many trail ride opportunities as possible available across America so that our numerous and loyal equine riding friends and fans can join us, not to mention the promotion of the quality products of our also loyal and dedicated sponsors."

A new project being launched is the Best of America by Horseback Vacations, which will offer to the public trail riding opportunities at beautiful destinations across North America, including all 50 states.  These vacations will be for more than just a weekend trail ride, which has been the signature series on the Grand Tour rides of America.  Many of these vacations are anticipated, not only to be in the beautiful riding places of America but expected to span 5-8 days.  The first of the vacation series will, of necessity, be after we complete the Mexico to Canada Trail Ride. It will start with a Caribbean cruise in January 2010, with trail riding opportunities at various ports, including Belize.

Tom Seay and other Best of America by Horseback Associates will continue their presence at numerous speaking and judging events throughout the year, as well as with attendance and numerous equine events, including the Annual Equine Affaires in California, Ohio and Massachusetts each year. 

If you would like more information about the Best of America by Horseback Television Series or to schedule an interview Mark Laney, please contact Becky at 540-829-9555 or email