SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. – A great deal of time, manpower and considerable financial resources are spent each year maintaining the many structures around the Historic Celebration Grounds.  This year, the Blue Ribbon Circle Club is getting a good once-over…in particular, over the top.


The building, one of the busiest on site, is getting a much-needed new roof.


“Time, weather and use take their toll on all of the buildings around here,” said Grounds Superintendent Wade Adams.  “We do our very best to stay on top of things to make sure any problems don’t get out of hand.”


That’s exactly the case with the roof at the Blue Ribbon Circle Club.  The building had experienced a few leaks here and there that had been patched.  In addition, a couple of storage areas have been built on to the original structure that used different roofing materials.


“Not only will the entire building have a stronger roof system, the metal roofing materials used should give it a great look,” said Adams.


Adding the new roof is part of an overall maintenance plan.  The project is schedule for completion within the next couple of days.


“People come to the Celebration Grounds with the expectation that they’re coming to one of the finest equine facilities in the country,” said Celebration CEO Doyle Meadows.  “It’s our goal to maintain the facilities to a level that those expectations are met and exceeded.  We have different buildings that will get priority from one year to the next.  This year, we’re happy to make a major upgrade to the Blue Ribbon Circle Club.”


The Blue Ribbon Circle is in use virtually year round.  Hospitality at The Celebration is just the tip of the iceberg.  The building hosts numerous luncheons, dinners, meetings, receptions, dances and other events throughout the year.  There is typically not a week during the year where the Blue Ribbon Circle does not host at least one event.