At the WHTA Banquet Buddy Stasney of Buddy Stasney Buick GMC stated he would be having a challenge for the 2013 season. A challenged geared toward trainers, owners and their horses to pump up the entries and enthusiasm that once was in the stake classes around the country. The rules are simple and the results are BIG!

Every time a trainer shows at an HIO sanctioned show in a stake class he or she earns points…no ribbon necessary. Single night shows are worth 5 points, 3 night shows are worth 10 points and a win will result in additional points.

When a trainer receives a set amount of points for showing Stasney will mail that trainer a check with their entry fees back. However, every HIO violation will result in a deduction of points to encourage compliant horses.

At the end of the year, there will be a $15,000 cash prize divided amongst the top ten trainers that participate. Also, the winner of the challenge will be given a one-year lease of a $60,000 dually truck.

And if that doesn’t make the pot sweet enough there’s one more thing. If the winner of the challenge also wins the World Grand Championship at the Celebration the cash prize to be divided will double to $30,000.

Mr. Stasney has a goal. His goal is to see our trainers and ultimately our horse succeed and hopefully with this challenge he can help make that goal a reality.