2009 Celebration Dog Show World Grand Champion, Cadbury.

The Walking Horse Trainers Auxiliary held their annual Celebration Dog Show on Sunday, August 30, 2009.  This years show was a huge success with 211 total entries, an all time record high.  Cadbury and Raine Sims were the winners of the World Grand Championship class.

Fun, fun, fun.  That is what the Celebration is about, and fun was had by all involved.

Ladies’ Auxiliary Dog Show Results
August 30, 2009

Class 1: Children’s Costume
1) Gus and owner/handler Ben Dempsey
2) Brady and owner/handler Chase Williams
3) Dixie and owner/handler Connor and Jackson Shamwell
4) Fritz and owner/handler Libby and Jacob McCurdy

Class 2: Trick Dogs
1) Moose and Donna Berrain owner/handler
2) Socrates and Barbara Paul owner/handler
3) Dixie and Susan Shemwell owner/handler
4) Will and Lisa Teel owner/handler
5) Cadence Von Davidson and Yashan Long owner/handler

Class 3: Puppies 11 months and under
1) Cadbury and Raine Sims owner/handler
2) Jackson and Kaitlyn Rippy owner/handler
3) Roxy and Dusty Hall owner/handler
4) Patches and Tyler Williams owner/handler
5) Bella and Ashley Shelton handler Marsha Coffey owner/handler

Class 4: Mutts No Pedigree Dogs
1) Sugar Ray and Hailey Puckett handler Caroline Elliott owner/handler
2) Barney and Jeanne Harrison owner/handler
3) Prissy and Whitlei Green owner/handler
4) Ms. Stinky and Joy Geske owner/handler
5) Molly Jo Grider and Courtney Grider owner/handler

Class 5a: Children 8 and under
1) Duke and Madison handler Patrick Thomas owner
2) Piper and Gwyneth Seagraves owner/handler
3) Mylee and Jayden Jackson owner/handler
4) Boss Hog and Caroline Muse owner/handler
5) Piper and Dalton Puckett owner/handler

Class 5b: Children 8 and under
1) Daisy and Ann Claire Pennington owner/handler
2) Monkey and Countie Green owner/handler
3) Luke and Connor Shemmell handler Ashley Brown owner
4) Leah Maria and Reagan Hurst handler Jim and Doris Messenger owner
5) Pretty Paige and Shelby Burton owner/handler

Class 6a: Children 9-17
1) Titan and Brittanie Ballinger owner/handler
2) Sarah and Kelsi York owner/handler
3) Rosy and Dusty Hall owner/handler
4) Coco Channel and Samantha Sawders owner/handler
5) Dixie and Laura Leigh Harris handler Nancy Harris owner

Class 6b: Children 9-17
1) Romeo and Lacy Neil owner/handler
2) Polly and Alley Puckett owner/handler
3) Shelby and Straton Weaver handler Yvonne Aymett owner
4)  Charlie and Chase Williams handler Rita Lemmon owner
5) Sybil and Jacob Wade owner/handler

Class 7: Classic Dogs (10 year and older)
1) Abby and Macy Legate handler Macy and Taylor Legate owner
2) Foxy and Julie Smith owner/handler
3) Molly Jo Grider and Shelby Curry handler Courtney Grider owner
4) Casey and Kathy Owen owner/handler

Class 8: Obedience Class
1) Moose and Donna Berrain owner/handler
2) Radar and Haley Bogner owner/handler
3) Drigin and Kristen Wade owner/handler
4) Sybill and Jacob Wade owner/handler
5) Nikita and Beverly Lamb owner/handler

Class 9: I look like my master
1) Monkey and Whitey Whitehead handler Countie Green owner
2) Chloe and Laura Leigh Harris handler Nancy Harris owner 
3) Ralphie and Sam owner/handler
4) Mylee and Jayden Jackson owner/handler
5) Brody and Carly owner/handler

Class 10a: Ladies and their dogs
1) Luke and Kathy Owen owner/handler
2) Maverick and Linda Burgess owner/handler
3) Khan and Rhonda Dunn owner/handler
4) Devil Dog and Janice Glonan owner/handler
5) Dixie and Joy Geske owner/handler

Class 10b: Ladies and their dogs
1) Lord Stanky’s Star and Lisa Riley owner/handler
2) Neukah and Amelia Haselden handler Marina Williams owner
3) Mattie and Jean Hickle owner/handler
4) Scruffie and Allison Thorson owner/handler
5) Mylee and Jacqueline Brantley handler Jayden Jackson owner

Class 11: Gentleman and Their Dogs
1) Mr. Whiskers and Patrick Thomas handler Jim Nichols owner
2) Coco Chanel Steve handler Amy Sanders owner
3) Sugar Ray Marty Irby handler Caroline Elliot owner
4) Dusty and William Moore owner/handler
5) Crawford and Darrin Sisk owner/handler

Class 12: Auxiliary Members and any dog
1) Lola and Stephanie Rose owner/handler
2) Shelby and Yvonne Aymett owner/handler
3) Barney and Sally Fleck owner/handler
4) Mylee and Jacqueline Brantley owner/handler

Class 13: Dog Show World Grand Championship
1) Cadbury and Raine Sims owner/handler
2) Neukah and Amelia Haselden handler Marina Williams owner
3) Chloe and Laura Leigh Harris handler Nancy Harris owner
4) Sugar Ray and Hailey Puckett handler Caroline Elliot owner
5) Duke and Madison Gaither owner/handler