We have had lots of questions on the in hand categories of the Highpoint Report. We currently have a Weanling category and a Yearling category. Obviously weanling classes, whether they are all together or broken down by sex will count towards the Weanling Highpoint Report. Yearling classes will count towards the Yearling Highpoint Report.

Horse shows which put both yearlings and weanlings into one class will not count towards Highpoint Report categories. We assign classes to a single category where there are a single set of standards to be judged against. If the class is open to weanlings and yearlings, even if all the participants are one or the other, will go into a miscellaneous category and will not receive points.

People who feel that there should be a single in hand category (not broken down into yearlings and weanlings) should email us at admin@walkinghorsereport.com. We reevaluate categories each year and could make adjustments for the 2006 Highpoint Report.