The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration® Board of Directors convened in special session on Monday, March 9, to receive an update from Celebration CEO, Dr. Doyle Meadows on industry discussions relating to the activation of The Celebration’s Horse Industry Organization (SHOW). 

The board meeting was held in response to the Walking Horse Trainers’ Association (WHTA) recommendation to the National Horse Show Commission (NHSC) Board of Directors to dissolve their HIO and turn all functions over to SHOW.  The decision was made by the WHTA Board of Directors after two days of meetings focused on the best strategy to improve the Walking Horse Industry. 

The Celebration® is looking into all aspects of the HIO activation but await membership approval of WHTA, NHSC ratification of the request as well as financial position statements from NHSC.  The board will continue to monitor the situation and will make decisions as more information is made available.