SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. - It's one of the most highly awaited pieces of mail all year for many Tennesseans. It's not real flashy on the outside...just a plain brown wrapper. But it's a coveted commodity that currently has a 13-year waiting list. It's the package of box seat tickets from The Celebration, and they are in the mail!

The Celebration ticket office put the ticket packages for the 65th Annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration in the mail today (Thursday, July 17) and box seat holders can look for them in their home mailboxes in the next few days. For those individuals who have selected to pick their tickets up in person, they will be available on Friday morning at 8:30 a.m.

"We like to give our boxholders a heads-up to let them know their tickets are on the way," said Celebration ticket manager Carolyn Reed. "Our tickets are mailed first-class, so any box seat owner that does not receive their tickets within a reasonable amount of time should contact our office."

The Celebration stadium, which seats over 28,000, has over half of its seats dedicated to box seats. The stadium has 2,531 boxes that have six seats each. This number includes the new east side boxes.

A few boxes come open for permanent reassignment each year. They are filled from a waiting list kept by the ticket office. The few boxes that were permanently reassigned this year went to people who were on the waiting list in 1990.

The ticket office also has a few boxes that come open for one-year assignments each year. Persons wishing to get on that list for next year can sign up on the opening day of next year's Spring Fun Show.

To contact the Celebration ticket office, call 931-684-5915, extension 109 or contact Carolyn Reed at for more information.