The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration has announced a change in what has been the Retired Trainers class at the world championship horse show.

The change will now have the class billed as Trainers 60 Years and Over on Walking Horses. The class will be open to mares, stallions, and geldings.

“There is no question that Celebration fans love to see the professional riders that have given them so many wonderful memories, and that’s what we’re all about,” said Celebration CEO and show manager Ron Thomas. “The requirements of the class have been changed to be a little more inclusive.”

The class has seen a decline in numbers over the past few years. The change is expected to allow more of the elder statesmen of the breed to show in competition against those in their own age group.

“I can think of several trainers that have expressed interest in being in the class with many of their peers,” said Thomas. “However, they are still active trainers and under the old rule would not qualify. Now we have a chance to see them all together again.”

Celebration veteran Wink Groover won the class in 2004 aboard Generator’s Man of Magic. The 67th Annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration is scheduled for August 24-September 3 at the Historic Celebration Grounds in Shelbyville, TN.