SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. - In a statement issued earlier by Virgil Johnson, chairman of the Celebration’s Board of Directors, he acknowledged the fact that the Celebration had received some implications of concern over issues arising from the 2002 Celebration.

“Some people have mistakenly thought that we were concerned with our judging panel, and this is certainly not the case,” said Johnson. “There have been no indications of wrong doing on behalf of the judging panel. The judges were a fine group of men who worked with integrity and professionalism. They represented the Celebration and the industry very well. The concerns we received dealt with matters outside the center ring. The investigation is well underway, and we anticipate a quick resolve of the issues.”

As was stated in the past release, the Celebration has retained the services of Tracy Shaw of Howell and Fisher PLLC to investigate these matters to the fullest. The findings of said investigation will be given to the National Horse Show Commission, the Celebration’s governing body, as soon as the findings are complete.