Posted October 23, 2001
The numbers were low but the enthusiasm was high at the Celebration Classic Horse Show held October 12-13 in Calsonic Arena on the historic Celebration grounds in Shelbyville.

The Celebration management felt the need for a show where horses of similar ability could compete for late season blue ribbon honors. Thus, the Celebration Classic was conceived for that very reason. Although the concept seemed strong, the show was not supported in the manner the Celebration had hoped for.

Trainers had the opportunity to show horses at the "Classic" that were unable to show during the season for one reason or another. Maybe the rider was sick and could not show or the horse had an injury. It was their chance to shine at this new show.

"We are extremely grateful to those trainers who did support the inaugural Celebration Classic which took place on a rainy, windy weekend. Their loyalty and dedication to events that take place here mean a lot," said Celebration Chairman of the Board Bob Garner.

Proceeds from the show are going to aid in the relief efforts in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania. The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' Exhibitors' Association will provide matching funds.

As to the prospect of another Celebration Classic, Celebration officials will review the results of the show, make various inquiries, and then make a decision on the show's future.