With the uncertainty surrounding all of us currently, anticipation has been high to see the impact Covid-19 would have on entries at the 82nd Annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration. The 82nd Celebration announced 2,252 pre-show entries, an increase of over 200 horses from 2019. “We are extremely excited about our upcoming show and today’s news of a 10% increase in entries is a great sign for our industry and where things are headed,” said Celebration CEO Mike Inman.

There will be 1,311 unique horses competing at this year’s show, another significant increase of 111 horses from just a year ago. The number of unique horses competing this year is a 15% increase from just three years ago.  “Our industry has proven resilient and today’s numbers show the depth of talented horses that want to compete at the industry’s premier event is continuing to grow,” concluded Inman.

The 82nd Annual Celebration will be held August 26th – September 5th. For more information visit www.twhnc.com.