SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. -  Celebration officials announced at the Annual Celebration Association Meeting held recently there will be no increase in fees of any items for the 2010 Celebration.  Things such as box and reserved seats, parking, entry fees and stall fees will remain the same for the fifth consecutive year.  “Although the Celebration is searching for alternative income sources, an increase in prices for our fans to attend the Celebration was not practical at this time”, according to Dr. Doyle Meadows, Celebration CEO.  Additionally, Dr. Meadows indicated the Celebration wanted to support the community and the Walking Horse Industry by foregoing any price increases.  Even though event pricing will remain the same the Celebration will continue to provide the same quality service to Walking Horse enthusiasts as they have received in the past. 

“The Celebration continues to be aware of the needs of this community and our industry.  Under these tough economic times our Board did not want to put any more burden on those that continue to support our World’s Greatest Horse Show”, says Mr. Charles McDonald, Board Chairman.