Today businesses across the country are looking at ways to reduce expenses.  This is certainly true for The Celebration as they recently terminated Chip Walters, their Media and Public Relations Director as well as four full-time grounds and maintenance workers.

Doyle Meadows, Celebration CEO said “Chip has been a friend of The Celebration for many years and employed by The Celebration for over five years, and it is unfortunate for all parties that he will not be retained at The Celebration.  Chip has been a valued employee and we wish only the best for him”. 

Meadows also indicated that all operational areas of The Celebration will be addressed and expenses reduced in all possible areas.  This included not only full-time and part-time staff, but also outside contractors and vendors that provide goods and services to The Celebration.   Meadows also indicated that declining revenues for the last two years combined with increases in total expenses dictated these necessary cost cutting initiatives.

Meadows also said “these moves were prompted so we can maintain a strong and healthy Celebration for the Shelbyville community and Walking Horse Industry”.