The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration began today mailing out 3,415 letters to prospective box seat purchasers for 400 proposed new boxes on the east side of the arena. Provided there is sufficient interest, the Celebration expects to begin construction immediately in order to have the boxes available for the 2003 show.

The letters are being sent to the following individuals:

46 - East Side Reserved Seat Holders
545 - Box Seat Waiting List Applicants
2183 - Box Seat Holders
641 - West Side Reserved Seat Holders

The boxes will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis and purchasers will lock in the price of the boxes for three years. The boxes will be similar to the current boxes and will seat six people with three rows of two chairs.

These boxes will be priced at $525 on the upper level, and $565 for those closest to the rail. A Three-year prepayment will be required to reserve the boxes; $1,575 for the upper boxes, and $1,695 for the lower level. A $500 deposit is required with the response form, with the balance due January 15, 2003.

Should there not be sufficient interest to justify the new boxes, all deposits will be refunded.