SHELBYVILLE, TN. - The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration recently contacted the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to assist with their efforts to care for 84 horses that were rescued recently in Middle Tennessee.  Currently all the horses are being cared for at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds by HSUS and volunteers.  During a visit to the site, an HSUS representative indicated to The Celebration(r) that at this point in time they have enough feed, supplies and volunteers for the horses. "We thought The Celebration(r) could house some horses that might require 'extended stay' and need a temporary home pending placement," said Dr. Doyle Meadows, CEO of The Celebration(r)." Particularly at this time of year, The Celebration has available stall space and means to assist in the care of the neglected horses", Meadows added.

However, during a follow-up contact HSUS indicated at this time, they do not anticipate the need to identify additional temporary shelters.  "The Celebration stands ready to assist if the need arises or the situation at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds changes," Meadows reassured the HSUS.