Celebration Pays $164,448 To Top Ten Most Winningest Trainers

    The Celebration paid out top money to walking horse trainers across the
country in 2005. The winningest team this year was David Landrum Stables,
who won an amazing $37,659 in prize money. Combined, the top ten picked up
an astonishing $164,448. A list of the top ten most winningest trainers at
the 2005 Celebration follows:

David Landrum Stables: $37,659
Allan Callaway & Sons Stable: $19,228
Knox Blackburn: $18,414
Mickey McCormick: $15,203
Howard Hamilton: $15,190
Russ Thompson: $13,186
Whitter Stables: $12,629
Jimmy McConnell: $12,573
Carl Edwards & Sons: $11,917
Link Webb: $11,485