Celebration CEO Dr. Doyle Meadows (left) meets with Robert Campbell at The Celebration offices.  Campbell, a retired Federal polygraph examiner, has administered examinations to judges, industry inspectors, and show management. (TWHNC Photo)

SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. – Polygraph examinations for Celebration show management, judges, and industry Designated Qualified Persons are slated to be completed on Wednesday, October 15 with the information gathered to be reviewed by Celebration officials.

The testing procedure was part of an overall plan designed to ensure the integrity of the show, the health and safety of participating animals and compliance with the Horse Protection Act.

Robert Campbell, a retired certified Federal polygraph examiner and a past president of the Tennessee Polygraph Association, has been conducting the examinations over the last two weeks.

“All of the individuals that afforded themselves for this opinion-based procedure did so voluntarily,” said Campbell.  “I am hopeful that information arising from the examinations will be helpful to The Celebration in the development of policies and procedures as well as potential rule changes within the industry that could further their efforts in dispelling any negative opinions regarding the fairness of the Celebration competition.”

Campbell’s questions range from general questions to set a baseline to questions with direct relevance to each individual’s job performance at The Celebration.

Celebration officials said the testing procedure should continue to bolster confidence in the overall integrity of the event.

“Our board of directors feels these tests are a positive statement regarding the integrity of our event and adding another layer of confidence and transparency to our exhibitors, ticket holders, and the outside world,” said Celebration CEO Dr. Doyle Meadows.  “I am confident this exercise will go a long way toward accomplishing that.”