The 82nd Annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration will be held August 26 – September 5.  The entry deadline is Tuesday August 4th at 5:00PM CST.  The Celebration would like to provide those making entries with clarifications on how winnings will be distributed and exceptions to the policy of showing back to receive prize monies for those horses finishing 1st through 5th in the qualifying classes.

Trainer Settlements:
Any winnings during the show will be applied to your balance owed for expenses. The difference will be mailed to the person indicated on the Premium Disbursement Form.  

If you want to “cash-out” during the show the trainer is responsible for all payments. Please see the Entry Office.  Please remember that everything has not been checked and is subject to changes. We will do our best to make sure all entries and fees are correct. Checks must be provided by the trainer only!

If a blank check is given with entries it must be on the trainer.  

Championship Entries and Show-Backs:
ALL horses placing 1st through 5th place in a qualifying preliminary class must show back in its corresponding championship class or will forfeit the premiums won in that preliminary class.  Exceptions: A horse qualifying for both an Open and Amateur Championship will only be required to show back in one of the corresponding championships. Any rider who qualifies two or more horses for the same Championship class is required to show only one horse back in that Championship class. If an owner shows multiple horses in multiple preliminary classes, each horse must show back in the class for which it qualified.  If multiple horses have qualified in the same Riders' Cup division (A & B, or A, B, & C), only one horse is required to show back in the qualifying championship. Mares and Geldings in the Open Performance classes will not be required to show in World Grand Championships. Amateurs in Performance classes will not be required to show Mares and Geldings in the Two & Three-Year-Old World Grand Championships. Two-Year-Old Flat-Shod horses will also not be required to show back.

Requirement to show may be waived by legitimate veterinary-approved letter stating reason for inability to show.  All requests will be reviewed and are subject to approval. All Veterinarian excuses must be received by the entry deadline of the championship class. Any excuses turned in after the deadline will not be accepted and winnings will be forfeited.