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Celebration Releases 2015 Class Schedule

This year’s Celebration marks the 77th Anniversary of the World’s Greatest Horse Show. After several meeting and countless hours listening to exhibitors, numerous changes have been made in the 2015 Celebration class schedule.

In some instances those suggestions resulted in new classes being added, while other times changes in class scheduling were necessary. “We followed the past and current trends of the industry to make changes to maximize entries in each class. Another change this year, the top 5 entries from each class are required to return in the championship class or forfeit their preliminary class winnings,” stated Celebration CEO Mike Inman.

Make plans to attend the 77th Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration August 26th – September 5th.  To view a complete class schedule visit our web site at or click here.

The following class changes have been made to this year’s schedule.

• Changed terminology on all 50 Years & Over classes to ‘Elite’

• Combined O/A Youth Riders 6-11 & 12-17 Park Pleasure Mares & Geldings from 6-11 & 12-17 to O/A Youth Riders 6-17 Years on Park Pleasure Walking Mares or Geldings

• New Class –  O/A 2 & 3 Year Old  Country Pleasure Walking Horses

• Split O/A Youth Western Country Pleasure Walking Horses to 6-11 Years & 12-17 Years

• New Class – Riders Cup Western Trail Pleasure Walking Horses, 4 Years & Under

• New Class – Riders Cup English Trail Pleasure Walking Horses, 4 Years & Under

• New Class – O/A Riders on Western Country Pleasure Walking Horses World Grand Championship®

• Combined  Western  & English Lite Shod World Grand Championship® to Optional Tack

• New Class – Riders Cup Trail Pleasure Walking Horses, 4 Years & Under World Grand Championship®, Optional Tack

• New Class – O/A Riders on English Country Pleasure Walking Horses World Grand Championship®

• New Class – Amateur/Amateur Trail Pleasure Walking Horses

• Combined Riders’ Cup 4 yr. old Park Pleasure with Riders’ Cup Five-Year-Old and Over Park Pleasure.  New class is Riders’ Cup Four-Year-Old and Over Park Pleasure

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