The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration recently met and discussed the possibility of adding a Two-Year-Old Mare World Grand Championship in 2022.  The two-year-old mare qualifying classes are well attended and interest is always high in the industry’s young stars.  

The Celebration will look at adding the class as part of its 2022 lineup of World Grand Championships and will seek industry input on whether the class should be only for two-year-old mares or if it should be open to two and three-year old mares.

The Celebration instituted a class sheet committee in 2021 and implemented several suggested changes to the class lineup this year.  “We value the input of our exhibitors and trainers and want to provide the industry with the best lineup of world grand championship classes that represent the trends in the industry.  We do however have to watch our session times and keeping the show interesting and entertaining for our fans.  We will work with our committee again this upcoming year and strongly consider adding the mare world grand championship,” said CEO Warren Wells.

There will be a time when industry participants can provide feedback on this class as well as other classes to look at for 2022 after the completion of the 2021 Celebration.