SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. – The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration plans to hold its Monday night performance as scheduled.  While The Celebration does expect a substantial amount of rain over the next 48 hours, the quarterdown limestone track in the 27,000-seat arena has the ability to remain firm and safe and provide excellent footing for the animals and exhibitors in competition.

“The plan is to start the show on time and show as long as we can as safely as we can,” said Celebration CEO Doyle Meadows.  “We are in constant contact with different agencies keeping us up-to-date on the weather conditions and what we should expect.”

The Celebration does have a policy for lightning.  This policy was developed after studying the lightning policies of other venues and those of organizations such as the NCAA and Southeastern Conference.  The Celebration will be working in concert with the Bedford County Emergency Management Agency to stay abreast of any developing weather situation.

The policy includes the following:
• Show Manager notified when lightning is detected within 15 miles
• Public Address announcements made to inform exhibitors and patrons when lightning is detected within 10 miles
• Competition suspended when lightning is detected within 6 miles and patrons asked to vacate the seating areas
• Competition may be resumed after being given an “all clear” and no detected lightning strikes occur within a six-mile radius.

In addition, umbrellas are not allowed in the seating area of the Celebration Arena.