Connie Allen, "The Face of The Celebration"

Hundreds of local businesswomen packed the Blue Ribbon Circle on Wednesday, April 25, 2012, for the 19th annual Professional Woman’s Luncheon. The event is hosted by WLIJ and WZNG radio and serves as an opportunity to salute the women of Bedford County for their roles in service and leadership within the community.

Christian Care Center of Bedford County sponsors the Secretary of the Year Award and Mike Ralbuka presented the award on Christian Care Center’s behalf to a very deserving Connie Allen.

“Her contributions go far beyond the stereotypical role of a secretary,” Ralbuka said, further describing Allen as knowing how to deal with a variety of situations and people, always with compassion.

Allen was unable to attend the luncheon due to working at the Gulf Coast Charity Celebration, a new joint venture horse show for The Celebration.

Upon learning she had won the award, the always gracious Allen said, “I am truly honored to have received this prestigious award following many great previous recipients. I have so many friends and I treasure those friendships and years of service to The Celebration and to this community. I appreciate all of the people who supported me and nominated me for this award and to Christian Care Center of Bedford County for sponsoring the Secretary of the Year.”

Anyone who visits The Celebration office and meets Allen in an official capacity or otherwise is met with a smile and is made to feel that his/her business is the most important business of the day. If she has met you before, she will probably call you by name (a gift that many people wish they had). For that and many other reasons both Celebration Board of Directors member John T. Bobo and Celebration CEO Dr. Doyle Meadows call Allen “the face of The Celebration”.

Celebration Board of Directors member and Walking Horse Report owner David Howard said of Allen, “One of the benefits of being a Celebration Director is getting to know and work with Connie. Her considerable personal qualities compliment her work ethic and talent. She is truly one of a kind and I am proud to work with her and call her my friend.”

Celebration Board of Directors member Charles McDonald said, “The Celebration Board and staff are extremely proud of Connie and her recognition as Secretary of the Year for Shelbyville and Bedford County. Connie has been a very loyal and dedicated employee for many years and is very deserving of this recognition.”

MacDonald continued, “Anyone who has ever had dealings with The Celebration administrative offices knows that Connie is the ‘go to’ person when something needs to be handled. Few people realize how well she is able to multi-task and take care of all the responsibilities that are shuffled her way…from the Board of Directors, other staff members, and the patrons of The Celebration. Without question, she is most deserving of this award.”

No story honoring Connie Allen would be complete without a comment from Celebration CEO Doyle Meadows who said, “I’ve known Connie for 20 years and obviously have worked closely with her for the last four years. She is truly an outstanding person and employee. I have said many times that she is the face of The Celebration for many people. Her involvement on a day to day basis with The Celebration allows her to work out every detail while maintaining the total picture. My only surprise of her winning this prestigious award is that she had not won it previously.”