Lewisburg, TN


The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association is excited to announce the expansion of the Certified Riding Instructor Program.  The program, which had its inception in early 2001, has been the driving force behind the highly successful Academy Program and is the only certification program in the gaited equine discipline.  There are over 130 Level 1 Certified Instructors across the US and three foreign countries.  The new expanded program will create a Level 2 in general knowledge and Level 3 attainment with emphasis on certification in an option of sixteen specific disciplines including:  Flat Shod Rail, Performance, Walking Seat Equitation, Reining, Western Riding, Trail Obstacle, Dressage, Hunter Division, Halter Division, Gymkhana, Natural Horsemanship, Recreational Trail, Competitive Trail, Field Trial, Driving, and Special Needs.


Level 3 clinicians will earn the privilege of representing TWHBEA at fairs, events and clinics around the world.  The ultimate Level 4 Master Clinician can be attained by mastering certification in all sixteen specific disciplines.  An initial Fast Track Program will be offered in the fall of 2008 for certification in Levels 1 – 3.  Instructors wishing to be considered should go to  www.twhbea.com/CRIP.htm to download more information and application.  Applications will be accepted through September 5, 2008.  Contact Nicole Carswell at ncarswell@twhbea.com or Chris Coffey at ccoffey@twhbea.com with questions.


The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' and Exhibitors' Association, headquartered in Lewisburg, Tennessee, is the oldest and most prestigious organization devoted to the promotion and protection of the breed. Founded in 1935, the breed registry was established to record the pedigrees of the Tennessee Walking Horse. Its goal is to maintain the purity of the breed, to promote greater awareness of the Tennessee Walking Horse and its qualities, to encourage expansion of the breed and to help assure its general welfare.