The Cool Springs Marriott was the host to the Grand Prize Give-A-Way once again on Friday, December 3.

The night began with fresh cut roast beef, vegetable trays and drinks to suit anyone's thirst. The theme of “Casino Night” returned this year as well. As you entered the room where the festivities were held you were handed $30,000 of “play” money. Run out of money? No problem. More could be purchased the second time around. The cost was $20 for $50,000. Not a bad trade, I’d say.

Franklin, Tenn., had its own part of “Vegas” as blackjack tables, craps and a number of other games were enjoyed by all.

While the games continued voices could be heard shouting, “blackjack!” and “big money!” Knox Blackburn was one of the winners of the night. Blackburn was the winner of the 50/50 drawing, which was a weekend trip to Tunica, Miss. The money won during the Casino playing could be used to bid on everything from a page ad in the Trainers Show program to an air conditioning service.

As the stakes rose and the money mounted Maria and Erica Derickson posed as the “Vana Whites” for the evening as they pulled the names from the board bit by bit to see who would be the winner of the beautiful, red 2005 Ford pick-up truck.

Approximately 15 people made up a group called Phoenix. This would be the group that made it all interesting. Phoenix purchased the last five tickets available for the truck. The tickets were purchased for $4,000 a piece. Ironically enough, this was the same amount paid for the five remaining tickets last year even though the vehicle provided was a 2004 Trail Blazer. Joe Cotten of Landrum Stables was the winner of this year’s Grand Prize Give-A-Way. Congratulations to all who benefited and who helped make this year’s event such a success!