Chairman Frank Neal has resigned his position on the National Horse Show Commission.  When contacted by The Report, Neal said "There have been several instances that I don't agree with at the NHSC."  He continued, "I keep trying to point the industry in the right direction and when that isn't happening in my opinion, it is time for me to resign."

Neal is also the President of the Walking Horse Owners' Association, which in 2008 assumes the Chairman of the NHSC position.  Neal did not want to give any specifics on the instances he referred to and summed up his resignation as, "the NHSC and I have differences of opinions on how the industry is moving forward."

Neal will continue as President of WHOA, Executive Director Tommy Hall confirmed.  Also, David Pruett, President of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' & Exhibitors' Association, resigned his position on the board of directors of the NHSC.

The replacement of Neal and Pruett on the NHSC Board of Directors as representatives of WHOA has not yet been determined.