Who am I?  I am all about creating a lasting brand that clearly defines our value proposition.  This also encompasses our cause-driven purpose.  Cause-driven is different than mission or vision.  Cause-driven is about fighting for a broader purpose that improves an industry or someone’s quality of life.  It engages people to join with you to accomplish a specific goal.  At UtiliCom Networks, we were all about making people’s lives better through technology and this became our brand.  Everyone we spoke to was asked to help us and in the end we accomplished our goal – this company that I founded in late 1995, brought an affordable and rich combination of Internet, CATV and telephone services to commercial and residential customers in rural areas.  Never underestimate the magic of believing!
Where do I come from?  I come from a diverse background.  I have a passion for technology and education.  My leadership career has spanned several industries and has enabled me to enter my role at TWHBEA with confidence and a commitment to total brand value.
Why am I here?  Coming from outside of this industry, I believe I bring a fresh perspective to the challenges we are facing.  I hope that my technology, accounting, business development and educational background will add value to TWHBEA’s efforts to unify the industry and to promote and protect the TWH.  I do not come to this position with any preconceived notions or baggage that will inhibit me from listening to differences of opinion and working with all parties to put integrity into the way we do business.
What do I plan to accomplish?  I would like to further develop our value proposition and brand.  The brand must be easily understood and seek an emotional investment on the part of our purpose.  I also hope to find a consensus point for the TWHBEA introduced sanctioning plan.  Also during this next year I would like to explore and identify ways to expand our membership services and our academy program.
How do I hope to do it? I want to keep our goals and challenges simple and in their proper priority. I want to continue building lasting relationships that align with us in our desire to promote and protect the TWH.  Working with the TWHBEA team, I would like us to take all the steps possible to establish TWHBEA as the glue that bonds our industry together.