Mr. Larry Studdard

990 Pine Grove Road

Rosewell, GA 30075


Dear Larry:


This will confirm our previous correspondence and conversations in connection with the proposed meeting between The Facilitation Group and the Advisory Committee of the Walking Horse Trainers Association.


Confirming our above-mentioned conversations, the Advisory Committee has agreed to meet with you and your group on Wednesday, November 1, at 1:00 p.m. CST at the Trainer’s Office in Shelbyville.


It is my understanding that our group will be the only group that you will meet with on that date, and the agenda will generally consist of having a general discussion as to the position of the parties regarding the issues that our industry is facing.


It is and has been the philosophy of the Advisory Committee that where there is disagreement, there may be room for compromise; therefore, it is in that spirit that we will make every effort to have some meaningful discussions with you and your group on November 1.


With kindest regards, I remain


Yours very truly,


Charles R. Terry