SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. - In a news release issued on August 9, 2007, The Celebration(r) announced an overall plan to ensure sound horses at the world championship horse show.  Under a section labeled "HPA Enforcement" there was a phrase that said The Celebration(r) would, "allow credentialed personnel of HSUS to monitor activity in the inspection area and in the barn area."  This statement is not correct and should be clarified.

The Humane Society of the United States will have no official role at The Celebration(r), particularly in warm-up and inspection.  Like anyone else that purchases a ticket, they can walk through the barn area and observe the overall atmosphere of the show.

Celebration officials met with officials of the USDA and National Horse Show Commission and came to an agreement on the points in the plan.

The Celebration(r) regrets any confusion the original message may have